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Asians* Unmasked will tell the stories that reflect the wide diversity among AANHPIs using PhotoVoice - using photos to share our voices. We will tell our stories both in terms of culture and ethnic background, but also in terms of our experience during this unique time in history - which has been forever changed by COVID-19.



Photography can be MORE than just taking pictures. It can be used to heal and advocate to bring us into the hearts and minds of those who create the image. 


Whether through your digital phone or camera - capture images of what it’s like to be AANHPI, anytime during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have identified some of the major areas that were impacted by COVID-19 and ask that you select the category that you think best fits your image, even though it may fit into more than one. 


It may be a concrete image (i.e. picture of you wearing a mask, etc.) or something abstract representing your thoughts (i.e. picture of the outside of a hospital, representing someone inside that you can’t visit).


No more than three (3) submissions. CREATIVITY WELCOME!


The New Normal

What does your “new normal” look like? 
(transitions, cities opening up, going back to school, personal safety, reconnection socially, etc.)



How do you stay connected (social media, letters, etc.) and/or feeling isolated - either in general or in relation to events? (i.e. birthdays, graduations, illnesses/deaths of loved ones, etc.)


Mental Health

What was it like to be sick (may or may not be due to COVID-19)? What did you do to stay physically and/or mentally healthy? What feelings have COVID-19 evoked for you? (fears, anxiety, adjustments, etc.)

2020 Election

What are your reflections, reactions, and/or emotions, leading up to and/or post the 2020 elections?


We invite EVERYONE who is of Asian descent, Native Hawaiian, and/or Pacific Islander. 


If someone in your community wants to be involved, but may face barriers in participating, please consider helping them take images and/or help them upload them. 


Participant community members may include, but not limited to: underserved populations, socio-economically disadvantaged, children, incarcerated members, those experiencing homelessness, and more.


Submissions are accepted from now until the end of December.

When capturing an image, there are certain guidelines that we ask you to think about in being respectful to others and/or thinking about formatting and quality of the image, itself. 

  • Submit images captured during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Obtain explicit permission before taking photographs of others

  • Take images that will help identify your intent and share your experiences (i.e. life at home with children, supporting a restaurant, use of social media, etc.)

  • Try to keep the message and imagery simple - taking images that represent emotions can be very POWERFUL, but also CHALLENGING

  • Don’t be afraid to be CREATIVE, but don’t let this project become a burden. We want this to be a positive experience where you EXPRESS and SHARE a glimpse of your life during COVID-19

  • Submit your image in JPEG format (max: 10 MB)

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