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How Do you Fix a Broken Mind

Artist: Pata Suyemoto, 60

Woburn, MA

Ethnicity: Japanese

My creative focus is spoken word and I have created a video of me performing “How Do You Fix a Broken Mind.”


My piece charts my journey from attempting suicide at sixteen to becoming a mother and realizing that my life was no longer mine to take. For me this realization meant that I had to follow a healing journey and decide that I was no longer going to entertain the possibility of suicide.


This piece shares part of my story and the role being mother has played in my life and how it pushed me to reject suicide as an option. In many ways, having my daughter saved my life. She gave me a renewed purpose to live.


I hope by sharing this piece that others who struggle can realize that there are reasons to live and that relationships and connections can be lifelines.

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