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Stargazing Lily

Stargazing Lily (Poem).png

Artist: Anonymous

Bryant, AR

Ethnicity: Filipino

Stargazing Lily (poem) 

when a flower grows
its petals open
they start leaning towards the sun
their source of light. 
photosynthesize the energy
and use it to grow even more
they take in the worse things that people breathe out
and take them in 
only to digest them
alchemize the exhausting parts of individuals
and turn them into something that they live from. 

i’m a flower. 
a delicate and wonderful flower
i'd like to think i’m more like a lily. 
Not a stargazer lily.



one that opens up to the heavens and asks why do i exist
my core 
exposed to the world. 
allowing everyone to put their nose it in. 
i like being a flower
something that started out small. 
wanted to sprout into something more. 

i never saw myself as a flower. 
i’m not that kind. 
i don’t like being 
ripped out of where i was meant to be
I’m not artificially 
supposed to be 
wrapped up in a display
I’m meant to be found. 

dead flowers 
go back into the ground
I’m a flower
who’s afraid to see what winter has in store
i don’t want to feel the pain of being exposed to the harshest things that i cant control
I’m afraid of being exposed in my midnight hour
I’m afraid of not having light to give me power. 
i wonder what i look like in the night. 
stargazing inside a refrigerated morgue. 
where other bouquets of death cafes
anniversary wakes,
I’m sorry i forgot what occasion it is today.

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