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Pursuit of a Life's Purpose

Pursuit of a life’s purpose - Gopaal Seyn.jpeg

Artist: Gopaal Seyn, 54

Houston, TX

Ethnicity: Asian Indian

Life is a roller coaster whose troughs and peaks can often become difficult to navigate. During these times of duress and confusion, we often feel as if we have to fight the battle all on our own. Soon, every day feels like you’re trapped inside a box and no matter which direction you move, right or left, you end up in the same place. There’s no excitement, just monotony and perpetual sadness. In times like these, seeking help through creative mediums such as art can help us express ourselves and thereby result in a form of catharsis. Every color and every line on the canvas can be a part of your story and become part of the mark that you decide to leave on the world. Through creation, you’ll find a renewed sense of purpose, and with that will come the restoration of your vigor for life.

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